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It's been some time since we announced that there would be a transition period for the Open Data project. We're back to give another update and put something usable in your hands for feedback.

Open Data vNext in Technical Preview

Note: we currently do not have the email confirmation setup, expect this shortly and we'll update this post then.

The Open Data API is available in technical preview. We're borrowing the term, and what this means for us is that we are reasonably sure this is what the data will look like in terms of endpoints and model schema, but are open to feedback and can still introduce breaking changes. The API is available at and the relevant documentation (using Swagger) is available at

Please see the Getting Started page.

For providing feedback please email or post an issue on the original Open Data GitHub page

We'll continue to iterate on changes based on any feedback and add a few more popular data sets before we proceed to the next phase.

Source API Updates

We've added improvements and new data features over the last 3 months. We will continue to add authenticated and private data end points as client needs arise and we can secure partnerships with authoritative sources for the requested data. Some of the recent data additions include service indicators, milestone information, Watcard photo data, and revisions due to the Watiam upgrade.

You can see the changes we've made reflected here.

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