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This announcement is for the endpoints off of and what is referred to as the v2 Open Data API. 

We are planning the follow, which will have an impact on access and use of the API. 

Key Dates for Actions

Monday, January 25th, 2021 - the V2 endpoints will be disabled, potentially returning a message about their imminent deprecation. 

Friday, January 29th, 2021 - the V2 endpoints will be enabled again to operate as they are today. We may bring the endpoints back up earlier than this to facilitate critical use cases. 

Friday, February, 26th or earlier - usage dependent the V2 endpoints will be turned off permanently. They may be disabled earlier if no critical use case remains, but will not be enabled past the February 26th cutoff date. 


As we've announced, and as we're asked to retire the underlying servers the V2 API needs to be shutdown. We've made the main data points, based on use, available in the V3 API. You can see documentation, and getting started with V3. 

It's an ongoing challenge to contact the users of V2 API keys. In many cases the email registered is no longer the person using the key, or there is little interest to make changes to the application or tool using the key. 

The temporary shutdown will help to bring users that want to continue to use the data to action, and allow us to help them migrate where necessary. 


If you have questions or issues please us the GitHub issue tracker or the IST-Opendata RT queue

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