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Last updated: June 21st, 2018

Current API Version: V1

Legacy API Version Supported: N/A until N/A

Release v1.20180621-1
(green star) newAdded a calculated field to service indicators to indicate if it's active or not
Release v1.20180620-1
(green star) newWe've moved to .NET Core release 2.1, which means things got better and faster
(star) fixedWe've fixed the issue with routing to contact information data in the Persons endpoint
(blue star) changed

(minus) Breaking: The contact information on the Persons endpoint will no longer take a type, and will return all types instead

(minus) Breaking: we removed the housing and financial aid interest fields from the Application endpoint, these are not consistently since 2016 used and should not be relied on

Release v1.20180420-1
(green star) new

Service Indicators endpoint from Quest, for additional information about students

Person photo endpoint, for Watcard photo information and images

(blue star) changed

(minus) Breaking: Changes to Watiam person 'extended' endpoint result, we removed a finance department field that was not set

Updated several .NET packages for features and security fixes

(red star) known issuesThe contact information endpoints for Quest data do not map requests properly. You must pass the parameters as query string parameters on top of the URL mapping.
Release v1.20180402-1
(green star) newAn endpoint based on Watiam data that validates posted usernames, primary users Watvote
(star) fixedThere were several security fixes 1, 2, 3 in the .NET Core packages that have been patched
(blue star) changedWe've updated the .NET Core packages to latest release (2.0.6) to address fixes and security
Release v1.201704-1
(green star) new

Add endpoints from Quest data for Grade Basis resource

Add Grade Basis info to relevant Course endpoints

(star) fixedCourse load heat map data endpoint bug fixes and parameter clarification
(blue star) changed

Documentation grammar and syntax updates

Additional endpoint documentation updates

Release v1.201702-1
(green star) new

Add endpoints from Quest data for class schedules by instructor

Add endpoints from Quest for class students by several class identifiers

(blue star) changed

Updated internal .NET packages for features and security fixes

Additional documentation updates

Release v1.201701-1
(star) fixedUpdate documentation tooling, SwaggerUI
(blue star) changed

(minus) breaking change: Remove Library data set as source system provides data and it was a prototype

(minus) breaking change: Switch to JWT based authentication from Windows authentication

Release v1.201611-2
(green star) new

Add Quest Milestone information endpoints

Add Organization and Group ownership information to Courses endpoints

(blue star) changedRemove internal IST Glossary endpoints, experimental and no future need
Release v1.201611-1
(blue star) changed
Update API back-end .NET runtime and tooling
Release v1.201603-1
Initial release of the API

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